What is a Model United Nations?

A Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of different UN organs for high school or university students. In it, students assume the role of representatives of different countries.

The aim of MUN differs from conference to conference, but generally it is to educate participants about the workings of an international organization such as the UN, to enhance in participants negotiating and oratory skills and to broaden the participants view and knowledge of the world.

What is Panorama MUN?

Panorama MUN is a project that emerged in 2011, as a simple idea to give young people the experience of living a simulation of a United Nations debate. Over time, this activity became an opportunity for learning in the field of debate, oratory, negotiation, persuasion, language, among many others.

Within all its editions, this Model of United Nations, has involved hundreds of young people who have found in it, the opportunity to develop skills and competencies that lead them to grow not only in knowledge, but also as people.

Panorama MUN has been the cornerstone of many young entrepreneurs and innovators, people who today care about what is happening in their environment, who go beyond the limits that society imposes on them, who work to achieve their goals and those of people around them.

Today, on the doorstep to its tenth edition, we can say that Panorama MUN, is more than just a school activity, it is a project that has come to the reach of many young people in the region, that has inspired them, that has motivated them, that has driven them, to be the generation of change, to be the responsible and conscious human beings that this world needs.